Vision, packaging and innovation

We develop innovative packaging, promotion and sourcing solutions for prestige beauty and fragrance clients.


When the Estee Lauder Company turned to us for SUSTAINABILITY for Dr. Weil for Origins ™, we turned to the benefits of PET over glass:

  • PET is more energy efficient for recycling and production
  • PET bottle is more resistant to breakage
  • PET deco and shipping costs are less expensive

ORO Paulina Rubio ® was Oracle Beauty’s first foray into fragrance so they required our FULL SERVICE and support. VPI provided turnkey services to produce the entire product line.

  • Bottle, Cap, Pump and fill for the Spray
  • Tube and fill for the Body Lotion
  • Sourcing and packing for the Metallic-Mesh Gift Box Promotion
  • Distribution and logistics